Benefits of Staging Your Home

Deciding to have your home staged may be one of the most important considerations as you begin selling your home. As tempting as it is to sell “as is,” statistics show that Staged homes fare better in the marketplace than similar un-staged homes. Staging will give you an edge and the cost of staging is small when compared to the return it will bring (estimated at 10x your ROI)…it’s always less than a price reduction!

As we know, a home that sits on the market over time loses appeal and costs money. Staging is a proven marketing tool that will work for any home regardless of size, style, or location. The staging professionals at New York’s home staging company Studio D will help transform your home into a showcase, giving you the best advantage for a quick sale at your most desired price.

Will Staging REALLY Affect the Sale? Say’s Who?
Statistics nationwide attest to the value of Staging…
”The average Staged home is selling at 7 days versus 87 to 107 for an un-staged home.” Linda Stern, Ask the Pro, Newsweek, April 23, 2007
”When getting ready to sell a home, investing a little money into sprucing it up can result in big dividends in the final price tag. In general, Home Staging could increase the final sale price by 5 – 20 %.” Barbara Corcoran, Good Morning America’s contributor and founder of the Corcoran Group, Good Morning America, ABC, May 2, 2006
”Sellers should not look at Staging by seeing how much it will cost but how much it could make…” Keith Rockmail, How Staging a Home Helps to Sell it for More, Christian Science Monitor, March 13, 2006

Why Does Staging Work?
Real Estate professionals know that the decision to buy a home is an emotional decision. When prospective buyers feel an emotional bond and the first impression is favorable, the buyers are much more likely to buy.

A Staged home suggests that the home has been well looked after. It will bring attention to the property’s best architectural features and shift attention from any minor imperfections. Studio D’s creative team is skilled in being able to create a welcoming, fetching space, which oozes a sumptuous life style, sure to attract multiple offers.

Why Choose New York’s home staging company studio D?
Studio D has successfully staged over 2,000 properties and the rave reviews from happy clients are testimony to this success. We offer a fresh design, flawless execution, + impeccable service, often garnering multiple offers at well over asking prices!

Our passion for carefully selected home furnishings + decorative accessories assures a quick response to your request and a design fitting for your unique property.

Our priority with every staging is to create the best look for that property’s target audience. We are eager to transform your home into the best possible version of itself…thus garnering multiple ohhhs and a plentitude of ahhhs.