Staged Properties NY

The interior designers at Studio D in New York have over twenty years of experience turning houses, businesses and apartments into gorgeous and creative living spaces. They owe their success largely to a deep understanding of the New York City market and a thorough knowledge of current trends.

When a homeowner or realtor is looking to sell a property at the highest possible price in a short amount of time, staging can play a large part in reaching those goals. Studio D designers first discuss the seller’s goals for a property during a walk-through of the space. Once a potential design has been established, a formal proposal for the staging is reviewed by the property owner. The staging itself can happen very quickly, often under two days, and may remain in place as long as necessary. However, properties that have been staged by Studio D designers can sell after a few short days on the market. Once the closing has been scheduled, the staged property can usually be broken down in one day.