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Virtual Staging & Digital Design

Transform your listing digitally


studio D’s Virtual Designs offer a seamless transformation for your listing to be digitally designed now + brought to life when you’re ready – from rendering to real life.


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Before Staging
Virtual Staging & Digital Design in NYC or San Francisco

Send your listing’s empty room and let us bring it to life

Virtual Staging
Digital Virtual Staging in NYC or San Francisco

 Digitally design empty room with rug, furnishings artwork, + decor

Physical Staging

Seamlessly bring a virtual staging to life with curated furnishings installed

  • Virtual Staging
  • Design Rendering
  • Physical Staging
  • Turnkey
Virtual Staging Guidelines
  •  Choose rooms for virtual staging – kitchen, living, dining, family, master + bedrooms
  • Photograph rooms carefully
    • Ideally, the room is empty + clean (if furnished, it will require a rendering vs a staging)
    • Step as far back in the room as you can
    • Photograph shoulder level
    • Capture some floor + ceiling
    • Keep in mind the after + the focal point of the room (ie fireplace)
    • Make sure lighting is good + do not shoot directly into the sunlight
  • Note the direction of the sun into the room
  • For design, rendering provide floor plans with measurements of the room
  • Select style
  • Request any premium extras, such as lighting, wall color, flooring, window treatments
  • Email designer
  • Receive a quote from your designer, authorize agreement and payment
  • Allow for one round of revisions and receive final photos
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between virtual staging and design rendering?

Virtual staging refers to an image of a room with no furnishings which we design + furnish virtually.
Design rendering refers to any room with existing furnishings or other elements requiring visual removal and or replacement or other visual editing requiring the physical space to warrant recreation.

How long does it take?

It can take anywhere from 2-5 days from receiving the photos depending on revisions and quality of photos.

How many revisions do I get?

Because our designers handle most of the guesswork, we believe that you will only need one set of revisions and the rest will be handled by your talented design team.

Can I add light and shadows?

Light and shadows can be added which we recommend, and suggest these be requested upfront.

Can I change my wall color or light fixtures?

We can change the wall colors or add designer sourced light fixtures for you. If light fixtures need to be replaced or walls moved, or textures changed, there will be extra charges.

What rooms make the most sense to virtually stage?

We recommend to virtually stage your main rooms, such as the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen (if eat in), Family Room, and Master bedroom if you don’t have the budget for the entire house (which is always best).

Can I virtually stage the outdoor patio or deck?

You can have the outdoor patio or deck staged.

Can I do exterior Renovations?

Exterior renovations can be done for additional fees, as they require digital design rendering.

Can I create a 360-degree virtual tour?

Yes! From only a floor plan, we can render a 3D virtual tour for you. There will be added rendering fees for doing so, which our designers can provide on a custom basis.

Can I create different angles of the same room?

Absolutely, for a small added fee, we can provide you with an additional angle of the same room.

If I want to physically stage after the virtual staging, will it look the same?

Because you are having studio D both virtually stage, and physically stage your property, there will be a seamless transition going from the virtual to the physical staging. The rooms will emulate the same design aesthetic + the product will be very similar though not always an exact match.

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